Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 4 - 10 different kinds of food you like

So then I have to talk about food on this blog, oh well. So this is what kid of food I like

1. Coconut buns - I love them! Especially swedish ones. I really get really happy whenever I eat them :P

2. Taco and fajitas - This is something I almouts eat once a week. It is for me standard friday or saturday evening food. 

3. Sushi - So me and my dad have often made sushi together and homemade sushi is definitely the best, and of course with real norwegian salmon. 

4. Pasta - Me and my dad have always used to have pasta or spaghetti on mondays, and that is because I love everything including pasta!

5. Cupcakes - So I do not like cake that much, but small cupcakes with very good frosting is to die for! as long it is not chocolate. 

6. Salmon - And we have a lot of fish i Norway, so what is not better than fried salmon :O 

 7. Liquorice - This is kind of my favorite candy, and i really like the REALLY salty ones.

8. Chicken fillet - I'm very picky when it comes to meat but I eat it anyway, and eve though I am almost afraid of chicken meat, I love chicken fillet, whit pasta or rise and souse. 

 9. Brownies - That is the one cake I can eat a lot of without becoming sick after the first 5 minutes. It is so delicious.

10. Yogurt - so as you might have noticed so is my blog called "Lolita Yoghurt" (Yoghurt is norwegian for yogurt, i think it is easier), and that is because I love yogurt! It is like candy, and I almost eat it every day!

P.S. Sorry for all the boggus on this post, but I acually can't fix it without ruin the whole post :S


  1. nom nom! Now you made me crave fajitas, salmon, chicken, brownies and super salty liqurice! All at once XD I have to try those coconut buns you're talking about! I'm not sure i'm familiar with them!

  2. Zeruda: Not familiar with coconut buns or "kokkos boller" on norwegian:P?! They look like this :D

    In norway they are too expencive and small so I always buy a bunch of them when I'm in sweeden:P

  3. You made me hungry dear! :o < 3
    Wish I could come to you today ;3

  4. Wow, du har go matsmak ass :D


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