Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lip-Scrub DIY

I often have problems with dry, cracked and flaked lips. And even tho I use my Lip Balm all the time, my lips just end up addicted to the lip balm but still flaked, ugly and impossible to have any lip color on.

So I came over this DIY for a Lip Scrub, which could fix my problem.

This how you make it :D

 All you need is Honey, Sugar, Vaseline and an empty Container.

First take small spoon of sugar.

Add a small spoon of your desired honey.

And a small dash of Vaseline.

Then mix it together.
My mix was a bit hard to mix and got a pretty hard consistent 
because I didn't use liquid Honey. 

Then kinda How to Use:

During the winter especially I get super dry lips, and they never get better.
Since it's summer not, it's not that bad, but I still have some cracks and dead skin.

I take a small amount on one finger and then massage my lips with it. sircle movements are awesome for exfoliating. When you are done you can leave it on for a couple of minutes as kind of a lip mask, or you just wash it of.

When you are done you can use your favorite lip-balm, lip-gloss or whatever :P
As you can see on my lips, the natural color came back, and they look immediately more healthy.
Still some cracks, but softer.
Use this may be once a day, or may be a weekly treatment, to maintain a healthy fresh look :)

Hope you liked this DIY, and please tell if you want more :D

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  1. This is such a good idea! :)


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